S22 Ultra Unzufriedenheit

Hi all,
so i just got my hand on my S22 Ultra two days ago, and i cant say im satisfy with it. Bought it new form Samsung direct, but since i received it, it has frozen twice and had to be forced to reset, i also cant get a few gesture features to work, like the screenschot one.
Is there anyone else also experiencing with S22 problems?
Im actually thinking of returning it because the random freeze is really getting on my nerve.


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Hey. Try returning the handset. It could very well be a mainboard issue.
I also have the problem with taking a screenshot. I just use the S-Pen for it at the moment. The freezing I havent experienced. Migjt really be best to have it looked up by Samsung...
The likelyhood that there is something with the mainboard is actually very remote. Those units are tested multiple times before they leave the factory. It sounds a bit strange that you want to send it in for just two freezes. This is most likely a software glitch. It happens with brand new units all the time - with all manufacturers. Of course you can send it in. But wouldn't you want to look whether that freezing occurs more often? That the screenshot is difficult to trigger has been an android and sometimes Samsung issue for ages. Theyll fix that via an update. Or use one hand operation +. If you don't like the phone, return it, but that sounds all a bit strange....
i mean for a phone that cost that much, i would want it to be a bit more refined would i? Both time it froze when i turned it on, so OS bug?
But either way what you said did make some senses, guess ill hold on to it for a bit.
i can live without the gesture screenshot, but then again, its listed as a feature, and for such a convenient one, would be really glad if it works.
The palm gesture screenshot has been a pain for ages. Samsung just doesn't move to that three finger one which many think is easier to trigger. You can install one hand operation + and use another gesture than that (stupid) palm one for a screenshot. Im doing this on any Samsung phone. You are right that those software bugs with new units are annoying, but as said: it seems to be standard these days....

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