S22 Ultra with Exynos 2200 is a mess

If you want to play something like a game (Genshin impact) is playable up to a point where the game is start to freeze and if i want to see my fps with the app from the developer options,all is ok i can see the fps but after the gallery,Instagram,Snapchat it will start to crash.This problem you can resolve only whit a reboot.The only positive things i found is that the camer is a gold pice,but when is about the performance is a mess.


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Well, people who normally buy such a phone need the performance for earning money.*1f602.png**1f3d6.png**1f451.png**1f62c.png*
Why would you buy an S22 Ultra for gaming?. It's NOT an gaming phone by any means.
Good comment lol osnix.
You DO know that samsung is actually advertizing for gaming? No?
Here is the key point "... bis hin zu hoher Performance bei Mobile Games, die dir zum Sieg verhelfen kann." You can find it on the product page.
Any flagship and even midrange devices which are NOT dedicated gaming devices are able to play games better than the s22 ultra *:winking-face:
You don't get it. " Higher performance ... Wich could .... " Marketing talk. Fact, it's not a gaming phone. Another fact , if you are about gaming this is the wrong smartphone for you. In fact any non gaming one will be. Have a nice day *:smiling-face:

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