Gallery App Glitch

Diskutiere und Helfe zu Samsung Gallery App Glitch in Galaxy S22-Serie um eine Lösung zu finden; Hi, Looking for any tips and solutions. I just moved everything from my s21 ultra to the s22 ultra using smart switch. Somehow the images did not come... Dieses Thema im Forum "Galaxy S22-Serie" wurde erstellt von ozkxx, 6. März 2022.

  1. ozkxx
    ozkxx Guest

    Gallery App Glitch

    Looking for any tips and solutions. I just moved everything from my s21 ultra to the s22 ultra using smart switch. Somehow the images did not come at first till I had to connect smart switch and scan 2-3 times. Now everything is there but any image I take from the camera especially on night mode just keeps processing for ages, and at the end shows up as a blank image with a grey box and '!' Symbol. Moreover, all those images cannot be deleted as it gives an error "couldn't move image to recycle bin, try again". I have no cloud, no Google sync, and I have tried clearing cache, tried uninstalling latest updates to gallery and tried force stop/restart. Nothing works. Any other image in my gallery also stays right there and also goes to the recycle bin. What is this issue? Quite disappointed

    ozkxx, 6. März 2022
  2. Kim
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  3. Seems like the images are somehow corrupted. I believe thats it's possible that either they are somehow in a cloud even if you said otherwise or that the thumbnail is not downloaded locally so it's trying to pull it from a server but it can't... Whatsoever, try fixing it by connecting both phones to a laptop/pc with an USB-cable for each phone, open the explorer select your phone and, go to the DCMI folder and drag and drop its content from your s21 into the DCMI folder of the S22, that should fix the images.
    PhoenixoftheSky, 8. März 2022
  4. ozkxx
    ozkxx Guest
    Assuming that what you say is true, why would this be happening with any new image i am taking directly from the s22 ultra? The new images are showing up like that.
    The s21 images are showing normally, but when I delete any image old or new, they remain in the gallery and also appear in the recycle bin.
    ozkxx, 8. März 2022
  5. Gallery App Glitch

    oh sorry, i missread your post and kinda skipped through that part of the post. Uhm, have you tried changing the resolution or image type? What happens if you try to take photos with the Samsung Expert RAW app from the Galaxy Store
    PhoenixoftheSky, 8. März 2022
  6. GalaxyDodo
    GalaxyDodo Guest
    Have you tried just moving the Camera Folder to your new phone?
    GalaxyDodo, 8. März 2022

Gallery App Glitch

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