Samsung s21 ultra exynos aggressive throttle

Hi, after few years of using another brand I decided to try the new s21 ultra, and I'm completely disappointed.. It's not normal when you have a phone who pretend to be the best from the best and you have 12gb ram and 256gb to have problems when you do a videocall and want after 10-15 minutes to use another app, like maps ori other simple app, every phone I have in past was warm after a while, but it's first time when the phone don't allow me to see that little window from videocall and use another app, I try duo, messenger, Skype and WhatsApp, same problem, I try adaptive and normal, I try all resolution, I use minimum brightness and try economy mode, nothing change, and if I talk 30m the touchscreen don't even respond or respond with a big delay, even a phone who was released 10 years ago work better in multitasking. Definitely need a update for exynos to fix that


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Hast Du das Problem denn mal an Samsung gemeldet? Was sagen die dazu? Mal über Members App einen Fehlerreport dort hin geschickt?
Hi, I sent a report from the Samsung member, I don't receive anything yet
Man bekommt auch nicht immer eine Antwort, Hauptsache es gibt irgendwann einen Bugfix.
I really hope because it's very annoying, it's not a cheap phone and I think we all have expectations
I don't know if CPU monitor show exactly value, but in idle with minimum brightness and other apps closed show 42-45 degrees Celsius, the phone it's already warm in my opinion before to start call someone
Ja genau, das Telefon wird dann zu warm und es kommt jetzt so eine Art, Sicherheit.
Wenn das Telefon warm wird, dann gehen eingige Funktionen nicht mehr und das Telefon beendet alles.
Probiere das Handy auf dem Tisch oder anderweitig mal abzulegen und nicht in der Hand.
Ok I understand that, but tell me when you pay a price for something who pretend to be the best, you're agree to have less than a phone who was released 7 years ago? I hope you understand what I mean
Yes, I understand completely what you mean. I have experienced such throttling problem before. Sometimes with Samsung(after an update) and also with iphones (if you still remember the battery throttling they did some years ago for older device once a newer came in the market, and once detected they defended themselves by saying they did that to save battery life of older devices*1f600.png*). I never found this problem with Xiaomi , Oppo, Asus also not with Sony. The reason I still use Samsung as my daily driver is the S pen with note devices (since note 1 till 10 plus) and now the Fold 3. I guess there is not a single perfect phone out there :)

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