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    Solar cell provides 24/7 continuous power to high liquid alarm panel
    Includes Narrow Angle Float Switch with 20’ cord
    Indoor/Outdoor NEMA 4X panel enclosure: heavy duty polycarbonate with stainless steel lockable latches
    Includes 10 Watt Multi-Crystalline Solar Panel, 12V, 9.0 Amp Hr. Sealed Rechargeable Battery, and Solar Charger
    Quick Installation and Low Maintenance
    High Liquid Alarm with Test and Silence Features, Red Beacon Alarm Light, High 85 Decibel Audible Alarm. Dry Contact for High Liquid Condition
    Solar Panel Mounting Hardware
    Easy Accessible Terminal Block

    About US
    Xi'an JIA-SPEED Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Xi'an Aerospace Industry Base; the company manufactures, solders, and provides a one-stop service factory for PCB printed circuit boards, providing power mainboards for major Chinese power supply manufacturers and aviation power supply manufacturers. After 16 years of continuous efforts, we continue to attract outstanding design experts. Xi'an JIA-SPEED has evolved from an initial PCB soldering assembly service to a group company that has R&D, design, manufacture, and provide one-stop power solutions for customers.
    Our company's main products are switching power supply series, linear power supply series, inverter power supply series, variable frequency power supply series, DC/DC series. The design and production of the company's series of products meet the requirements of GJB9001B-2009 and GJB2438A-2002. The most important feature of the company is that it can customize various special power supplies for customers in time according to customer needs.Product design and development price
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