Plastic Squeezing Dryer Made in China

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    1. Product Features of Plastic squeezing dryer:
    1The wet film dryer
    After washing/cleaning the waste plastic film, the film moisture is usually retain more than 30%. So our team developed a squeezer to meet customers' needs. Through this machine, water and volume of the materials can be squeezed to increase the quality of the pellets and the efficiency of the extruders.
    2Working process:
    By this machine, the washed film can be squeezed to dehydrate water of films or fluffy stuff. The film are squeezed to become flakes or blocks. The film plastic moisture will be lowered down to 1-3%.
    2. Advantages of Plastic squeezing dryer:
    1Output Capacity: 500 ~ 1000 kg/hr (different material different output capacity).
    2Can be put into pelletizer for granulating directly.
    3Increase the capacity 60% more.
    43% moisture left after drying
    Please select Your Model:
    We have 250-350kg/h, 450-600kg/h, 700-1000kg/h
    The product line can be made to spec meeting customer needs.
    Equipment specifications are also constantly updated. You are welcomed to contact us for details.Plastic Squeezing Dryer Made in China
    website:China Plastic Squeezing Dryer Suppliers and Manufacturers - Plastic Squeezing Dryer Made in China - Regulus Machinery