Experienced Machine Tool Accessories Aluminum Castings

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    Aluminum castings are a custom made of casting industrial grade, pressure sealed and leak-free castings with excellent process ability and surface finish.
    Aluminum casting is a very powerful and flexible technology for the manufacture of semi or finished shapes. These technologies continue to improve and evolve to meet needs and enter new markets. Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio that is approximately one third the weight of cast iron, steel, brass and zinc.
    The most common method of producing aluminum products is sand casting. The process begins in the form of replicas of finished products. Almost any pattern can be pressed into a fine sand mixture to form a cast aluminum mold. The pattern is slightly larger than the part to be manufactured to allow aluminum to shrink during coagulation and cooling. Sand casting is a slow process compared to the permanent mold casting, but it is more economical for small, complex designs and large castings.
    1.Aluminum castings with reliability,high strength and superior mechanical properties for a wide range of heavy-duty truck and transportation applications,etc.
    2.Aluminum alloy castings have excellent corrosion resistance, reduced processing cycle and the ability to anodize, polish, electroplate and powder coatings, making them more cost-effective than welded parts, stamping or forging.Experienced Machine Tool Accessories Aluminum Castings
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