Cordless Stick Welder

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    This is a very innovative cordless ARC welding machine. LK POWER combines the core high-security and high-reliability power lithium battery pack integration technology with mature welding technology to launch a new energy cordless ARC welding machine.
    The advent of the cordless ARC welding machine perfectly solves the welding demand of the market segments without the market electricity, and provides more convenience for people's production and life.
    Technical Parameters
    Product Show
    1) Lithium battery welder is born specifically for welding market in the absence of AC power supply, and it can be easily operated with high efficiency.
    2) Battery pack has protection functions and is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and durable;
    3) Cordless ARC welding machine has all-around man- machine interaction for good user experience;
    4) LED battery display and alarm indication, providing clear and direct information.
    Technical Advantage
    1) LK POWER focuses on power lithium battery management and research and application development of its system integration.
    2) The lithium battery integration adheres to the concept of innovative design, safe application and high-end manufacturing.
    3) The quality coherent battery cells of high-end brands such as Samsung and LG are used, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the cordless ARC welding machine.
    4) The company boasts strong R&D strength, complete reliability theory system and mathematical model, and the core technology of analysis and countermeasures for any accident of high-voltage, large-capacity and high-power battery pack.
    5) The cordless ARC welding machine has a number of international and national patented technologies.
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    About Us
    The market of high-power mobile energy storage products is in the current blue ocean market. Our LKPOWER uses an innovative cordless ARC welding machine as an alternative to the fuel generator and supplements the market. The cordless ARC welding machine can effectively solve the aerial work / pipeline maintenance / emergency response / mountain Work requirements for emergency welding machines such as operations. Solve the problem of high-power mobile power and mobile welding machines for users anytime and anywhere, bringing great convenience to people's production and life.
    This is a highly innovative cordless ARC welding machine. It uses a power lithium battery as the power supply, which is a good solution to the needs of the welder away from the AC power supply.Cordless Stick Welder
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