Carbonization Furnace China

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    Charcoal making machine is the material through the gasifier combustion, flue gas, after the flue gas purification system concerns the wood tar cigarette after gas impurities, gas transmission into burning charcoal making machine, reaches a certain temperature, the system of charcoal machine add need carbonized material, after a pipeline transmission, make the material in the system of burning of the coal machine.Organic burning need to meet at 3 o 'clock: heat, oxygen and organic matter, because the system of charcoal machine is almost closed space, cannot satisfy the requirement of oxygen, make the material inside the system of charcoal machine 800 degrees high temperatures, through internal conveyor speed adjustment system of charcoal machine will not burn to ashes, can only burn into charcoal.In the smoke of burning charcoal machine material after flue gas purification processing, back to the system of burning charcoal machine, the machine of thermal energy continuous operation, to achieve the effect of smokeless, environmental protection and continuous.Finally carbon after cooling machine transmission, cooling, make charcoal out when the temperature is only 50-80 degrees, in the process of carbon in after delivery, because carbon good contact with air, if the material density is big, thick, although on the surface of the halogen-light, there may be Mars in filling material, are also likely to be spontaneous.It is necessary to add a spray spray device, and the carbon is cooled twice to completely eliminate the fire source.Carbonization Furnace China
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